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Hi, I’m Andrea!

Sometimes I wish my life could be like a movie. Full of the clever word banter, and music that follows you around. Then I remember this is real life. And real life is messy. Real life doesn’t start and end with credits, real life is gritty, hard, and overwhelming.

Ancora Imparo.

Still, I am learning.

Life today is not what I’d thought it would be ten years ago, as I dreamed and planned and hoped for the future. It is instead so much more than I could have imagined. God has brought me through heartache and disappointment into great joy in the midst of the ordinary moments of each day. Don’t get me wrong; life is life, and with that comes all of the hiccups and frustrations that one can expect in this world full of imperfections. But God, when I surrender my own plans and dreams and let God be who He is in my life, takes the imperfections and brokenness of life and makes a beautiful masterpiece. A masterpiece that declares who He is. And so I find myself, living an adventure not of my own making, and loving a God who calls me to greater things than I could dream up on my own. I don’t claim to be perfect or to have this life all figured out, but what I do know is this: that with Jesus, still I am learning.

Ancora Imparo.

With all that said, I am just a girl living in Southern California, chasing after God and all He has while enjoying a nice cup of tea along the way.