And So The Adventure Begins…

You know, I have never been a morning person.

Even when I try my best to be.

So when my alarm went off at 3:45am, I really had to think, “What would Jesus do?”.

I came up with two options.

1. Jesus commands time to stop, because He is a time Lord, and He sleeps a while longer. 2. Jesus teleports, or rather just appears in Ireland, no need to mess with airport transportation.

Since I am not Jesus and the gift of stopping time is not one of my spiritual gifts, yet!, I reluctantly got up and tried not to look in the mirror. Let me just warn you, no one is pretty at 4 in the morning.

With our bags in the car, and I do mean bags as in more than one (I tend to be an over packer), and a triple check for our passports, we were on our way.

There are a few things you realize at 4:30 am.

  1. Traffic in Los Angeles is almost none existent.
  2. Driving the speed limit is still rare.
  3. Somehow at 6am, every car from every home is now on the freeways.

My ever so gracious mum drove us to the airport and taxied us up to our departing terminal. Gathering all our belongings we bid her goodbye, hugs and kisses all around, and after a small battle with my cars hazard lights, she made the drive home.

With all our bags in tow, we got our luggage to the proper channels and made our way to the dreaded TSA Security line. (If one could enter sounds on blogs there would be a duh duh duh…)

When you have traveled much there are some things you just do without thinking.

You put all your liquids in a plastic bag at the TOP of your bag.

You keep your boarding pass WITH your passport.

And you wear no belt, no jewelry, and slip on shoes.

When you carry your laptop on, or well any electronic that is large, you have to grab a tray from that, as well as a tray for all your belongings; shoes, bags, sweater, small elephant, you get the idea.

After getting all my items in trays, I look back and find Emily getting herself situated so onto the metal detector I go. I step through. BEEP! I step through again. BEEP!! I step through a third time. BEEEEEEEEP!!

“Ma’am, could you step over here.”

Oh, good. I wanted to be patted down by a stranger.

Just FYI, if you tell the TSA agent that the pat down is sorta like a dance, you get a good laugh out of them.

After my dance with the TSA agent, I get my stuff, which another agent was kindly holding for me.

Or so I thought.

Evidently my contact solution is highly dangerous and must be thrown away. Oh, well.

With that all behind me, I find Emily and she tells me:

“So evidently you are not suppose to ask the person behind you if you have have their tray? And proceed to take it from them when they don’t answer. Who knew?!”

Finally, we make our way through the airport to our gate, which is happily located across from Starbucks.

We stand in line.

Still standing in line.




Oh, good they have run out of breakfast sandwiches.


With coffee and fruit in hand, let the rejoicing begin.

To the gate to wait we go.

Once we get seated on the plane, keep in mine we have been up since 4am, and now it is 8:30am, we are both ready to crash out. So we sleep for a few hours, listen to music, I watch Red 2 on my phone, and 4 hours and 50 minutes later… Voila! We are in North Carolina.

Emily, having done her homework on placed to eat in Charlotte, made us journey to Bojangles Famous Chicken and Biscuits. It was super good, or we could have been super tired, and hungry.

IMG_4406 Traveling never goes as planned, cause if it did it would be called something other than traveling… maybe it would be called ‘No excitement, and everything always goes according to plan’.

Well, that is not what we had, we had traveling.

Have you ever had your name called over the loud speaker at an airport??

I can now officially mark that off my bucket list.

Yep. The loud speaker called me out.

“Passenger Dornbusch, Andrea, can you please come to gate 13.”

Our plane had already boarded, and we were about to miss our connecting flight to Dublin. Running and chaos ensued.

Arriving on the plane, we were surprised to see it half full, and room to spare. Of course not Emily and I, cause we almost missed the flight, but you know the 6’7 guy next to us got four seats, 4!!!, to lay down on and enjoy his 7 hour flight on. But no worry, we were on our way.

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If you have not flown a lengthy flight, or an overnight flight, let me tell you it is intense and hard.

Awake: 11 hours

Movies are your saving grace, if you don’t have 4 seats to stretch out on.

At some point you just hope for sleep to come and capture you.

The nice people of American Airlines fed us dinner. Airplane food is sorta like high school cafeteria food with our the ladies in hair nets.

Awake: 13 hours

Praying that you sleep is how you can get really close to God really fast. It is like all of a sudden you become like an old church lady, with the church hat, and the loud voice, “Oh, Lord please in your mercy, knock me the heck out!!” Waving your hankie and all.

Once your butt goes numb, its basically down hill from there.

With eye masks, headphones, and neck pillow a girl can get about 2 hours of sleep. No, some people can sleep a good long while on flights, not mentioning any names, cough, cough, Emily.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Awake: 15 hours

No matter how you shake it, long flights are not of God. Plain and simple.

The things that you can rejoice over are the walks to the bathroom, and the movies. Eddie the Eagle is a great film.

Awake: 19 hours

The sun is rising. That can only mean one thing…

Ireland is in sight.

The first glimpse of Ireland is sorta, amazing.

Ireland has very rare sunny days but July 19th was one of them.

Having landed safely in Dublin, and made our way easily through Immigration it was time for one of my favorite games while traveling, Will my luggage be here too?!!!

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

If you have not played this game, that is a good thing. Because it is a testing game. When you finally see your luggage, and you exhale the breath you have been holding, you head to customs, which in Ireland is a door.

We met our ride and off we went to Shankill.

Awake: 20 hours

Time Zones: 2

I won’t bore you with more details but we arrived safely to our friends home, took a brief nap, connected to Wifi and messaged our mum, took a few long walks to try to stay awake. Saw the Irish Sea, got some pop, and ate dinner.

When we finally laid our heads down for bed we had been awake a wonderful 34 hours.

All is well in Ireland and the jet lag not withstanding, we are doing pretty well.

I am certain that God has some great plans and interesting stories that are going to develop.

Love you all!!



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