Christmas Love

I am just gonna get straight to the point. Oh and sorry for the the delay in posting… I know you were all waiting with baited breath as to when I would post next, well, here you go.


Now straight to the point.


I was challenged this Sunday in church. I know that may seem strange, but it happened. My pastor was talking about giving isn’t giving if it doesn’t cost you something. Isn’t that a thought? Giving should cost the giver something. And it should be more than money.


My pastor used an illustration about friends of his that were missionaries in Japan. The culture in Japan is that of which, if you are given a gift, the next time you see that person who gave you said gift, you must be able to give them a gift of greater value. For example if they gave you a gift of $5 value, that next time you saw them you would have to give them a gift of $6 or more. Crazy? Some of us would say that would be the way to live, always one up-ing each other. To what end though?


The story continues: The missionaries wife got very sick, and in order to get her treatment they needed to fly to the States and the treatment would be so heavily priced that the missionary had no way of doing it. At this point in the story his father-in-law came to him and gave him enough money for them to fly to the States and for the treatment. The missionary was faced with a huge choice. One: take the gift, and go from Japan knowing he can never repay or offer a gift of more value to the father in law, and with that he knew they could never go back to Japan, never see his wife’s family again, or two: not accept the gift.


The missionary accepted the gift and with it, all that it carried.


How much did that gift cost not only the missionary, but also the father-in-law?


The Father-in-law knew in giving this priceless gift he would lose his daughter, grandkids, and everything that they brought into his life. Yet, he gave the gift with that high cost.


Have you ever given a gift that cost you something?


Do we even think about the cost of a gift?


Do we think what it cost some one else to give us such a gift?


For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son. (John 3:16)


Too often I don’t measure the cost that God gave for me. Too often I just shrug off the cost of His Son.



Christmas love is that baby in a manger, knowing that as He grew into a man He would give up His life for me. Christmas love is knowing that the Father offered the most precious thing He had, His Son, to ransom back a lost people. Christmas love is not just looking at the price tag, but looking at what the gift could bring to someone, to their heart, to their life.


I have been challenged with this thinking and because of it I decided to do something new.


I have started a new Christmas tradition.


Christmas letters.


As funny as it sounds, I heard this idea on a Hallmark movie and I fell in love with it.


Here’s what you do:

  • Pick out some paper
  • Get a good pen out
  • Figure out who you want to write to
  • Sit down
  • Start writing
  • Don’t just write to write, rather write with purpose; tell the person why you admire them, what you dream for them, share your heart with them but do it in writing. 
  • Put letter in envelope
  • Give it to whom it belongs
  • Merry Christmas!


You don’t know what your words will cost you, but you also don’t know how much someone else will value them unless you get them out there.



I hope your Christmas is full of dreams come true, but more than that I hope you come to understand the cost of the gift that came so many Christmas ago in the form of a baby.


Still, I am learning, 





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