Day 1: 2018 Dreams

Today is the day!



Happy 2018. Seems crazy to think that we have already gone through an entire year… wild.


Today is Day 1 of Lovewell Living.

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Dreaming big dreams for 2018 is what we want to do.


I sat down to think out what I wanted to see happen for this year and I had a hard time. I honestly did.


Dreaming for me is a hard thing.


I sometimes I feel like if I don’t see those things happen then it means I failed.


Or does it?


To dream means to be bold enough to see something happen. To dream makes us push harder, move further and not let a little sweat get in the way.

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So let’s dream friends. Let’s dream big, bold, amazing and even scary dreams.


What are you dreaming for this year??


More vs. Less


A few years ago I saw Hannah Brencher share about doing a More and Less list. I fell in love with it and have tried to do one each year.


You can read more about the more and less list here.


So along with writing out some of my dreams, I wrote out my More and Less list.

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If dreams are hard for you to think out, maybe the More and Less list is right up your alley.


Take a deep breath and dig in friends. You can do this.




If you missed our intro into Lovewell Living you can find it here. 

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  1. Sam

    “Sometimes I feel like if I don’t see those things happen, then it means I failed.”

    That’s exactly what I was thinking when I remembered I needed to write out my 2018 dreams/goals… It was kind of like – but if I don’t come up with any specific dreams for this year, I won’t be disappointed or feel like I’ve failed if/when they don’t happen. I wrote out a few, but dreaming and making those dreams into actual goals is no easy task.

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