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Over the weekend my sister and I hosted a Friendsgiving.

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It was our second time doing a Friendsgiving.


We asked a bunch of friends to come and eat with us.

I wasn’t sure how many people would show- because sometimes you invite people and they say they will come, then they never show up. Life, right?


Well, on this occasion we invited and they showed up.

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I love the idea of making new friends, finding common balance and eating together. It was a great time with friends both new and old.


The question I kept asking myself the whole night was, why do I wait till Thanksgiving to grab all my friends together and break bread?

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It really hit me that I could be doing this sort of event every few months.


We could be breaking bread and joining together to laugh and share stories. We could eat good food, drink some wine, play a few games and experience life together.

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I have decided to make that is my goal this next year. Game nights, foodie nights maybe even a few nights of conversation for the purpose of realizing you are not alone in this big world.  To experience more life together with those that need to be loved and encouraged. Hell, I need to be loved and encouraged.


On that note, Happy Friendsgiving everyone!



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