Going For A Walk

Going for a walk…
I am doing a mash up of the last two days.
Last night my sister and I cozied up on the couch to watch a Hallmark movie.
Now I must apologize to all who adore Hallmark, I do most of the time, but last night we sat and made fun of the movie more than we watched it. We laughed and cracked jokes, all while we just enjoyed being still, or not so still- laughing makes you move a bit- but we just were.
That is the point of our journey here, friends. We want to take time and slow down.
Take a moment to take in the moment.
Sometimes we move so fast from one thing to the next that we miss the transition in between.
Day 3 is for going on a walk.
Honesty here, I didn’t get to do this one.
I went to work, the bank, the post, and back home to have dinner and then collapse in a pile on my couch, only to wake up and do it all again.
I am not complaining, no, I am making the point that some days we have to adjust our view.
I couldn’t take an actual walk today, I help manage a little shop in our downtown area and I was all alone today, again not complaining just gathering perspective.
A lot of the time we forget that part of taking in the beauty around us is to know that it is there.
That’s why I took a virtual walk today.
I pulled up pictures of my beloved Dublin and walked the city. I remembered the hurry of feet on the train, the faces that you pass on O’Connell Street, and the smell of fresh doughnuts as we walked past The Rolling Doughnut. I could bring back to my mind the beauty of the Irish Sea, the smell of the grass and the greens that are so thick you would think it was all fake.
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Then I pulled up imagines from the last few months of friends, family, events, moments. Moments that I captured with a lens and a phone. Moments that if I am not careful will fall from my memory and end up on the floor of forgetfulness.
IMG_7281 IMG_6924 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
I want to remember. I want to slow down to take the walk. I want to take the deep breath of the sea, look at the sunset and even remember the hard stuff.
So, no, I didn’t get outside and take a walk. But I did take a walk of sorts.
Let’s remember to walk out each moment. To love each moment well.

As I was typing this, a lady started chatting with me.
I was listening to Jason Mraz I’m Yours, and she said that it was one of her daughters favorite songs. Her daughter died 2 years ago to cancer. She fought for 5 years. She said the song brought her straight back to a moment.
See friends, MOMENTS!
Good, bad, ugly, all our moments need to be felt and lived.

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