Grace In The Pit

It’s dark, cold and lonely. The pit is not a friendly place. Yet, I find myself visiting there a lot. Sometimes I pitch my tent there for months at a time. Does that make me a pit dweller? Maybe.

Let me back up a bit.

Hmm, how do I explain this…

Why is it that I always choose the way of anger, instead of joy?

Okay, let me try again.

How many times do you fall into the pit? There you are going along, humming a merry tune, and then BAM! Something catches you off guard and you find yourself falling into the pit of anger, frustration, or another emotion that takes you out of your center, and moves you head first into its, the pits, clutches.

Too often we find ourselves shoved into a pit due to our own reactiveness. We get caught up in the emotion of a moment and that is what feeds our movement, and before we know it, we fall face first into a pit of our own making.

I think, for me, too often I choose the way of anger instead of joy, or the road of frustration rather than patience. I go down the road of darkness, rather than light. Then I find myself having to adjust after my reaction, rather than showing kindness, love and grace in the midst of the situation.

Instead of seeking God, I just jump to a reaction and down the pit I go. Because lets be honest… once we begin to react it is hard to stop, and when one button gets pushed, it is not long before the next, and the next, all the while buttons are shoved down, along with all hope to react in a way that is honoring, and helpful. We need a renewing of our mind, and heart.

And renewing only comes from seeking.

Seeking something more than ourselves.

Some One higher than we could ever hope to be.


Seeking challenges us to look past the facades, to find a deeper connection, to quench a longing that is in the heart of our souls. Seeking leads to inquiring, which leads us to craving. When we open the door to seeking, we begin to question and ask, we learn, and we grow which leads us to crave even more seeking, and it builds a passion in us that drives us to hunger for more of God so we begin to seek again, and the whole cycle continues. This cycle is called pursuit.


Constant and complete pursuit of God.

We pursue a lot of different things in this world, but none can meet us and make us complete like the pursuit of God.

What would happen in our own lives, if we would pursue God as much as we pursue followers on Instagram, or we scroll through feeds on Facebook, or Twitter? What if we were more concerned with our pursuit of God than with how many likes we got on a picture, or which celebrity is dating who?

We fall into pits because we get blinded by the darkness of our own hearts.

We become blinded by our lack of purpose, along with a “what’s the point” nature. It is in times when our “what’s the point” nature needs to be sidelined and our “there has to be a better way” nature has to come out.

When we begin to seek God, and pursue Him, the whole world seems to open up. The grey areas become less grey, and the fence rider in us begins to choose a side. And our pursuit of God deepens.

Let’s be honest, there is nothing in this life worth more than the pursuit of God. Yes, time gets away from us and things pile up around our lives, but when we set out to seek God and we do it with all we are, the stuff that seemed to pile up, becomes the moments we meet God.

Don’t believe me? Ask the mom who is driving her boys to and from practices, ask the teacher grading papers, ask the pastor working two jobs and pastoring. They will tell you that while they work, they keep centered by seeking. They pray as they drive, they keep praying for each paper, or they practice their sermon while turning a wrench.


It is a never ending cycle of fulfillment in who God is, and learning who we are to Him. There is not a thing the Father doesn’t enjoy more than His children coming to Him and seeking after Him.

God says, “I will be found by you when you seek me…” (Jeremiah 29:13)

This seeking is not a little thing. It is a full time job, and it is definitely not for the faint of heart.


If you are an adventurer, a bit brave, and willing to climb out of your pit, and fall into the pit of grace, God will meet you there. His hand will actually be the hand reaching down to pull you out of your pit. The hand of grace. It will be always extended to you, ever waiting, and constantly longing to help you. That same hand of grace that took the nails, and carried the cross will hold you while you are in the pit. Why? Because Jesus is grace in the pit.

Jesus is our grace in our deep, deep pit.

Forgive me for my times of anger instead of joy. For choosing darkness instead of light. Change my heart and my mind into something honoring of You. Renew my thinking and my joy in the little things. Jesus, if I dwell in the pit too long, be the grace that pulls me out. Help me to seek after You.


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