It’s an Irish Life For Me

I have been in Ireland for almost a week now, and it is as if  I have never been here before.

The sun has been shining, the people have been swimming in the Irish Sea, and rain has been few and far between.

Did I land in the right country?

Ireland, is that you?

Well, either way in Ireland I am, and the sun is shining as though I were still in Southern California. Who knew?

Among the beautiful days that we have been having here, Emily and I have been able to adventure out and about, finding little eateries, and even some sweet shops along the way.

We even stumbled our way into a park.

If you have ever watched Leap Year, it is a brilliant movie, it is on Netflix so do yourself a favor and pop some popcorn, sit yourself down and have a watch.

Anyway, as I was saying we found ourselves stumbling on to Stephen’s Green, a park in the heart of Dublin near to Trinity College and Grafton Street. As we walked through the glorious green landscape we walked over a cobble stone bridge and as we passed over it Emily exclaimed, “This is in Leap Year!!” Therefore we had to take several pictures, and here is a couple.

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It seemed like every Irish family was out while we were in the park. Most of them were trying to catch just a bit sun, and some were hiding from the sun. I tell you it is a rare thing for the Irish to see the sun.

After a brief time of staring at the clouds, and people watching, which we did see a young boy wearing a penguin head… not sure what that was all about, but you definitely had to take a second look, we found ourselves wandering through Grafton Street, where much to Emily’s delight we found a Disney Store. Not only was it a Disney Store, but it was also a 3 floor Disney store, full up with princess, Marvel, and Mary Poppins!

As we wandered further into the city, we decided to duck into a little shop called SOHO Coffee. Emily says I have to add that she ordered a Banoffee Frap, and evidently “you had to be there”.  This coffee stop in also happened to be close to my most favorite place in Dublin City, Ha’Penny Bridge.

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The Ha’Penny, pronounced hey penny, is a cast iron bridge that was built in 1816, it is a walking bridge and it utterly captured my fancy the very first time I even saw it.

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At another point we journeyed from Shankill, where we were staying with the ever amazing Kingsley’s, and met up with Phil in the city of Bray. We sat and spent some time talking about the team coming. Having found a shop sporting a sign saying, “The Best Fish and Chips in Bray” we felt obliged to test their theory.

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They proved to be not too far off. Mind you, if you ever come across this place, only buy one order of fish and chips.

With our fish and chips having been dealt with, we started our walk back to the Dart Station, the train station.

That evening we met with Cheryl’s prayer group. What a lovely time that was. We spent a good amount of time praying for the communities around us, as well as our homes.

It always amazes me when you gather with other Jesus lovers from around the world, their love of God as well as the way they connect to God. It always refreshes my heart to see the Kingdom of God in a fuller sense.

So here’s to more stories, and life abroad!




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