Just a Few Things About Buying Flip Flops in Ireland

It is true, I purchased flops yesterday.

While in Ireland, I, Andrea Dornbusch, bought myself some flip flops. Why, you ask? Well, it is about the same temperature as it would be in our hometown, a balmy 18°C, or 64°F for those at home in the States, with a 40% chance of rain, and a 60% chance of the sun coming out to play, and I don’t like socks, or shoes for that matter.

With that being said, here a few hints to buying flip flops in Ireland.

Just embrace that you will get looked at oddly while carrying said flip flops in the store, and that the clerk will ask you several questions regarding your purchase. After that it is a breeze. Simply rip off the tag, use your teeth if you must, sorry Mum, and slide your socks off, all the while your toes sing the Hallelujah chorus, and stuff your shoes and socks into your back pack, slip on your new flops and away you go!!!

Now that you know how to purchase yourself some flops while in Ireland, which I am sure that is a weight off your heart, I would like to share with you some knowledge that I have gathered.

First, I would like to set your hearts at ease, for you mothers reading this exceptionally, here it is… Teenagers are just as ridiculously clueless here as they are in the States. Actually, all ages of kids are the same no matter where they are manufactured. We were riding the train with a group of teens here in Ireland from Spain doing a language school, and I could see the looks on peoples faces as they were yelling to each other, and causing a ruckus. So rest easy parents, even here they are brainless.

Secondly, the public toilets here are fully inclosed. Unlike the bathrooms in the States, where you can kindly spy on your neighbor whilst peeing, in Ireland they make sure everyone is in a prison cell when using the facility.

Another helpful hint for life in Ireland is the Irish love to repeat.

When I say repeat I mean they will replay what was previously said but in multiple different voice inflections. For instance if you are talking to an Irish lady about where you come from and you say, “We live in California.” They will repeat back to you, “From California are you?” “In California you live, do ya?” Once everyone has parroted the statement to you the conversation will move on.

Also it is good to note that everyone in Ireland has an opinion on the election that is happening in the States.

Not only do they have an opinion but they also are as tired as we are of the coverage of the election. Who knew?

Now when it comes to food, the Irish don’t mess around.

With it staying light until 11pm, you find yourself eating every meal a bit off.

Lunch at 2, Dinner at 9.

Brunch is still happening here until 4:30pm.

It always amazes me.

Emily says that the Irish beef is the best.

Alright I think that is about enough info for you today.

Stay tuned for some new adventures coming soon.



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A hostel cooked meal. We are not starving!!

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Art Walk around Merrion Square

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Emily’s ice cream in Merrion Square

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Georgian Homes

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We couldn’t figure out this building but it is pretty.

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O’Connell Street, Dublin City




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