Love That Outlasts




I don’t know if you knew that, but there it is in plain black and white. Christmas. Let the hustle and bustle begin. Throw on the sounds of Bing and Harry, sing at the top of your lungs, and drink a fair amount of hot cocoa.


Yes indeed, it is Christmas.


Away with the pumpkins, and fall leaves, it’s time for mistletoe and holly. Break out the garland and string it percariously over anything that will hold it. Hang the lights, and change out the ones that didn’t make it through the spring and summer. Yes, it is Christmas.


I love Christmas. Fully. Completely. Madly. Deeply.


I love the sights, smells, foods, colors, lights, and even the shopping. Now the traffic… thats a grey area.


The thing I love the most about Christmas even more is the story. The story that each of us carries through the season. The reality that in this season of giving, we don’t get over looked. We are not alone, and we are fully loved.


How do I know that?


Well, its a tale as old as time… and no I am not talking about Disney.


Love that outlasts. That is what I am talking about. Love that sees us through the dark, and into the light. Love that outlasts our stubborn hearts, and pursues us anyway.


Christmas has a way of bringing out the best and worst of people. It becomes a competition of present giving; who can give the best, biggest, most sentimental gift. It becomes less about sharing a moment of love and joy together, instead we are in danger of losing sight of what makes Christmas so beautiful.


The wonder of Christmas is not the giving but the feeling. The feeling of love. The warm glow of the fire as you have conversations that are more precious than any gift could be. The laughter as you hug family on your door step. Even the telling of memories over the table. Christmas wonder is so perfect, it can not be manufactured.


It is in that wonder when the story that spans the history books begins to hum with electricity. A love that outlasts, it is found in that hum. The tension of the strings as they gather to sound the first chords of Glory in the Highest. That hum, that electric sound, that tension is in the love that outlasts.


Throughout history the story has remained for all who will hear it. Of angels and shepherds, wisemen with gifts, and a young girl carrying a message she had no idea of the impact. The stage was set, that fateful night, with an audience of cows, sheep, and a star. No one knew what was taking place. No one would ever believe that that answer to all the prayer ever whispered, shouted, or poured out in tears would be found in a stable. No one would have imagined the great entrance of the King of Kings would be through the womb of a girl. Not once did the enemies line think to look for a virgin who was with child. No, the Author wrote the best twist into our story, and birthed the love that outlasts.


This love outlasted the years of silence.


This love outlasted the hearts of people who turned away from it.


This love outlasts all, even death.


This outlasting love is my wonder of Christmas. It is why I love this holiday so much. It shows us that in all of this, God will outlast it all.


When all the wrappings are thrown in the bin, and the batteries have gone dead. When the lights are put back in their boxes, God’s love will still be there. Still pursuing, and pushing to reach us.


The love that outlasts our sins and shame will still be humming with electricity. It will go to great lengths to wrap us up in its arms and remind us we are not alone. No, we are never alone.


Christmas is all about a love that outlasts. Love that sees past pain, and into joy. Love that moves us into forgiveness. Love that shows us again, what it means to be a child, fully loving and fully joyful. Christmas is the story. The story of love birthed in a manager. The story of love that outlasts the hardest hearts.


My prayer from you this season is that you will stop long enough to let the love that outlasts wrap you in it’s embrace. That in all the hustle you will see the wonder and beauty of the story happening all around you. May you come to know the love that outlasts.


Still I am learning, 







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