Lovewell Living 2018

I am sitting here listening to Haim on vinyl, super sweet by the way, while trying to figure out what to write about to explain what we are trying to start. The complicated nature of this is: where do I begin?


I think the beginning would be best.


I started thinking about the new year and what I hoped to accomplish in this 2018 year and I was struck with the idea to start the year off with a month of gratitude, honor, and loving others well. While I was thinking about all of that I started thinking about how I could love myself well. How could I focus on making my start to the new year strong, building and loving?

I am a journaler by nature. I spend minutes or hours writing, processing, recording moments. As I am gearing up, like most, for the new year I go on a search for a journal. I am basically a journal snob.


I mean, for reals. I am very serious about my journal needs.


I was looking for a journal on Pinterest. Can we just say thank you Jesus for Pinterest!! I came across a 30 day challenge for self care. I liked the idea so I decided to sit down and create it for our Thirtyone Collective/ Lovewell community!


I remember a few years ago when the rage was a month of photo challenges. Where each day you had to take a photo that matched the subject for that particular day. You would be tasked with taking a picture of a window, or some other nonsense. And every month I would do my best to keep up with the challenge and every month I felt like I was days behind. By the end of the month I felt slightly off kilter and not much was accomplished in that!

I wanted to design something that I could get behind, but not only that, but something that we as a community could do together. I wanted to look at life through other lenses. To see through the eyes of our community and know where their hearts are.


As I sat down and thought about this idea, I came to see that I needed the challenge as much as others do. I need to be challenged to take a step forward to honor others, love myself, and see the world from a different perspective.


So the Lovewell team created this Lovewell Living project for January.


We didn’t design this project to make you feel like you have to keep up, although we desire for you to go along with us, but join in as you can. Do the days as you find yourself able to. Don’t stress out about it each day but enjoy the process.


Our hope is that as you jump into 2018, you will carry us with you. You will take up this project and make it your own, that you will allow us to come along with you by tagging your thoughts and posts with #thirtyonecollective and #lovewell along with @thirtyonecollective.


My goal will be to share about each day from my own journal and reflecting on the project from others perspectives. Each day that we post we want to have the community reflect with us. Comment, share, challenge others to take up the project and encourage each other as we journey.

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Lets make 2018 a year of loving others well.


Cheers to LOVEWELL!!

Follow this link to download the image for LOVEWELL Living on your phone!




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