More And Less


Can you believe that it is going to be 2017?


I can remember when we were going into 2000 and everyone was certain that the world would not only stop spinning but that every computer would crash and the fall of mankind would be next.


Well, if you didn’t know, we lived through it! We survived 2000, but 2016 for me was touch and go.


My family has seen some tough moments this year, and as we draw 2016 to a close, I can say that I am ready. Ready to be done with a year that was nothing as I thought it would be when we started out.


Isn’t that always the truth though? We think it is gonna happen one way and BOOM! nothing goes according to plan. Which, I guess, is the way life is. So here we are at the end of 2016 and it got me thinking: I need more and less in my life.


I sat down on my bed, gathered up my shiny new 2017 planner, and began to fill in the pages.


At the top of the my planner I wrote the word less and more, then I drew a line down the middle of them to make sure they were separated. I began to list off things I wanted less of in 2017, but more specifically January (I find trying to tackle a whole year when it hasn’t even begun can be super overwhelming and sure to be a let down).


As soon as I would write down a word under less I found that the opposite was true under more.


My list continued until I had more than enough under both headings, and I felt I had exhausted my feelings of more and less.


Now please know I am not telling you to do this exercise for the sake of doing yet another New Years plan of attack, but rather it was a time for me to reflect and think through what I needed more of or less of in my life to start this year off well.

If you take the time to sit down and reflect through these things, here are a few suggestions for you.


  • Be honest with yourself.

There is nothing worse for you to do than sit down and dream of great expectations for yourself that not even God Himself would be able to fulfill. So do try to be honest and real with yourself. This is for you, not for anyone else.

  • Take enough time to really investigate your heart.

If I was a doctor, thank goodness I am not, but if I was, my one piece of advice would be to take all the time you need and look into your heart. See what is dead in there, see what flourishes, and take inventory of what makes it fly. Same as with being honest with yourself, taking time to look inward at your heart condition is vital to a heart that is alive, and at peace.

  • Don’t be afraid of the outcome.

The thing about this is; they are just words. Just words that mean nothing until you put action to them. Action always frightens people because what if I fail, what if it doesn’t work the way I wanted it to? Okay, all of that is true, but what if it is great, and what if you don’t fail? Stepping out always take courage. So, have some courage.

  • Dream big, dream often, dream for you.

Dreaming and day dreaming are two very different things. When you take inventory of your more or less make sure you dream a little too. Now, don’t  go dreaming over the top stuff like winning an Oscar, or taking home a million dollars, unless you are going to put in the work to get there. Dreaming means looking through the mist and the fog of life and seeing where you want to be, what you want to be, and then moving into action. If you want more freedom and less fear then you have to be willing to step out of the shadows, move into the light. If you dream of more reading and less phone time, then put the phone down and pick up the book. Action, my friends, action.

  • Never think its too late.

Because, my dear ones, it is never too late. Never too late to make a change, never too late to dream a new dream, to go the distance, to build it and they will come, to move into a life full of hope and love.


I pray that this year of 2017 will find you with adventure’s wind in your face, skies clear for the wishing on stars, and love opening its door to you and yours.




Still I am learning, 



*Some of my list:

More: Grace, love, hope, future, color, Disney, enjoying life, games, reading, community, freedom, forgiveness, quiet moments, action, friends, discoveries, adventure

Less: Clutter/ disorder, busy, watching, fear, comparison, judgment, boxes



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