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You know when you pack, and you can’t get the suitcase closed, and therefore you have to sit on it to get the zipper to actually get close enough to touch? If you know that feeling then you may be an over packer. Well, don’t worry, you are in good company. I am here to tell you that I, too, am an over packer.

For me, my over packing is due to the things I know will happen. Such as the unexpected laundry incident. Now I have been doing my laundry for well into 20 years, and never once have I turned a shirt blue, red, or any other color due to a sneaky sock, or unseen ninja shirt. Yet, it never fails me that while I am traveling I come home with an extra blue shirt, or red under shirt. Mind you, the shirts were guaranteed to have started out as white.

I dream of the days where I will be an under packer, or one of those super packers that only brings a carry on for a two week trip. I feel like their carry on case is mocking me as they roll it past me in the check-in line. I would really like to stop the mocking case carrier and ask them if their case is like the Tartis, from Doctor Who, is it really bigger on the inside?

Needless to say, I may or may not have a problem with packing but regardless of that fact, there are a few things that I can not leave home without.

The things I am going to share with you are not on everyone’s list for packing essentials, but they are most definitely on mine. Having crossed the Atlantic, Pacific, and lots of land, my travel bags have been laden with treasures, alongside my must haves.

Here you go.

I am going to work my way through all of the things I carry on with me. Keep in mind that there are things that the wonderful workers of TSA will take off your hands, free of charge, like contact solution… you can read about that in And So The Adventure Begins

First off, let me just say that these are all personal preference, these are not like a have to or you’ll die without them. You may actually find something that works better, or you may hate what I have here, but either way remembering that traveling is an adventure, we will dive in.

Whenever I travel, I like to carry a purse and a backpack onto the plane with me. I know lots to handle but that way I can have the things I want close, or grab able, I carry them in the purse, while the bigger stuff I leave in the backpack. With that being said I am going to try my best to break down what is in my purse compared to what is in my backpack.

My purse is more of a bottomless pit and has a splendid amount of room. It has traveled well with me. 

A little plug here, why? Because I adore this company. Live Fashionable is the company I got my purse from. Each of their bags are made by women who need a job to support themselves. Most of the women have never had a job before and this is where they can learn a skill and also be self providing. There is much more to their story so go check them out here. If you decide you want to join with them and buy something fantastic, I know you will be so pleased, you can use my code for their site (shop live

The things I want close to me as I travel into the wild blue are definitely a variety of sorts.

You can never go wrong with an amazing lip balm. I stumbled upon this beauty while following my niece around Sephora. 

Along with keeping my lips from cracking, I have to make sure that my hands get some love too. I found this EOS lotion in the Target travel section, and I will be taking
it with me on every adventure, it is the perfect size, and the scent is just soft enough to be comforting, and not too overwhelming that you feel like you can’t put your hands to your face for hours.


I don’t know what it is about planes, but they are so cold. Because of that I always get on the plane with a scarf, and beanie. This last trip I even brought my wanna be leather jacket, and I can tell you that baby will be traveling with me many, many, many more miles.


I read about rose water right before I left for Ireland, and I asked my friend to find me some on and she showed up at my house with this bottle of Teddie Organics Rose Water. It is a joy. Not only does it help with the red in your face from exhaustion, but it is a gentle wake up, and smells divinely of roses. Couple that with my amazing Lava Essentials necklace and my Sleep essential oils, we did just beautifully. The light lavender scent helps you relax, and drift off into sleep town even when you are crunched in an airplane seat.

The real MVP of my trip was found in this guy, Downy Wrinkle Releaser! Really, it was a beautiful thing. All you have to do is spray it on your wrinkled clothes, give them a shake or a tug, and let the fabric do its thing. This will be traveling with me everywhere.

My other joy is dry shampoo. If you have not discovered this gem, get on the train. I have tried many a different vendor and finally settled on Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo. When traveling there are just some moments you need a little boost and this dry shampoo has plenty for you.

The last but certainly not least of my purse can be found in this power port. Now I am not one that usually gushes about technology, but shoot, this thing is legit! I charged it at my home in California, and used it probably three times while traveling, and when we landed in LAX I charged my phone fully, all off ONE CHARGE!! One charge, people. An find but this will be my travel buddy for a good long time.

My back pack carried for me the big hitters. My Macbook and Beats along with my Ipad and some other work related things.

My backpack was the surprise for me. I got the backpack thinking it would be more fashionable than functional, but man was I wrong. My backpack was a beast. It traveled everywhere, rain or shine, and even got kicked around, yet it kept shining.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Anyhow, that is just a few highlights on some of my travel essentials. As I have more travel fun I will add to this list, or maybe even take away from it.

Happy travels,


Rest of the stuff in my purse and bag:

  • Fitbit
  • Alex and Ani bracelets
  • Sunglasses – Old Navy
  • Trident Gum
  • Peppermints
  • Travel Journal – Barnes and Noble
  • Flamingo Eye Mask
  • Ear plugs
  • Blinks Eye Drops



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