Living Brave: Lessons from a Journal



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Written by Andrea Dornbusch

We are all meant for more. We know this, yet every day seems to bring us further and further away from the dreams we hold close in our hearts. We may watch other people get their happily ever-afters or go on seemingly grand adventures, while we feel stuck in the in-between. This is the exact place where Andrea Dornbusch has found herself dwelling many times. She knows all too well what it is to struggle with jealousy, uncertainty, despair, and loneliness, yet she has found God to be faithful in her darkest moments. Living Brave is an encouraging breath of fresh air that pulls no punches about what it’s like to have a dream in your heart that has not yet come true. What started out as a book on waiting quickly became a story of learning to live the adventure God has placed you in right now, in this very moment. Don’t be misled; this is no easy task. It takes a courageous heart to let go and let God do what He wants with your life. Only then will you begin to see that making the choice to live brave leads to a life of adventure greater than you could ever imagine.


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