Sovereign God

Over all things… God is sovereign. That is a thick statement. Not a chips and dip statement but rather a meat and potatoes statement.

Such a sentence crowds our minds with questions, thoughts, fragments of life, and the odds, oh the odds that have risen against us as we have walked out this life. The odds that say we are less than what God has made us to be. The odds that proclaim our failures from the rooftops, or maybe just down our Facebook feed. The very odds that Jesus came to translate into a language of love, rather than a language of law.

These odds, as I have called them, seem to stack the deck one way.

And the deck seems never to be stacked in our favor. Always against us, as if we are playing a game of War with the universe and we never, ever, not once, do we ever win.

Odds that say to us, “just stop, you’ll only mess it up.” The odds that whisper, “no one needs you around anyway.” The odds that scream, “whats the point, it wont make a difference.” The very odds that have been set up against you, or so it seems, since the beginning.


Terrible, heavy, overwhelming odds.

When we think of a caterpillar, do you ever think of the odds stacked against it?

Think on it.

You have this large, sometimes slimy, crawling on the ground insect that wraps themselves up in a cocoon, and stays there for however long they need to and then the emerge completely transformed. This creature before becoming a butterfly is at risk of being eaten, stepped on, taken out by bigger creatures, and yet it somehow manages to make it to the stage of life where it hides away, and changes everything about itself. When it come out of hiding, it no longer has to walk on the ground, cause it can fly. It can fly.
The odds were all against it, and then it flew.

Our God is sovereign over all.

That statement should transform us. If we allow it to be hidden in our hearts, to hide us away, and emerge transformed. Then we can fly.

We can fly over all the odds, the questions, the doubts. We can fly over every situation. We can be changed in such a way that no longer are the decks stacked against us, because there is no decks,  there’s just God.

And God is…


God is sovereign.

Sovereign means possessing supreme or ultimate power.

Our God possesses ultimate power. He isn’t sorta in control, but completely in control.

Nothing comes as a surprise to Him.

Now you may be thinking, “Okay, well if nothing surprises Him them why did this happen to me?” I said He has ultimate power, not that His ways make sense to this caterpillar’s mind.

Our sovereign God is so in control, that from the beginning of time He saw the need for our salvation. Not only the need for it, but He supplied the sacrifice and it was His Son.

Our God is so sovereign, so all knowing, so all powerful, that He orchestrated the greatest comeback in history.

There they were, watching Christ die, and there the enemy was thinking he was winning and that it was finished finally. When Christ went into hiding.

Three days.

Three days of despair for the followers of Christ.

Three days of odds against them.

Three days of questions.

Of doubts.

Three days of silence.

And then God…

Out of the darkness this man emerged.



Jesus. New. Flying over the odds.

Heck, flying over death, hell, and the grave.


Never in history will it happen again, never in history had it happened before.

Our God is sovereign.

Our God took what looked like the end of the story and really made it the beginning of it all. The beginning of our lives. The beginning of what would give us the strength to oversee the odds, and not allow them to destroy us.

Why won’t the odds destroy us?

Because our God is not about odds. He is sovereign over the odds. He is the odds maker, if you’re a gambling person. Our God gives us the ability to overcome any odds that we think are in our way.

He is our refuge, and our strength.

Our God is sovereign. Our God is sovereign. Our God is…


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