What We Ask For

Do you ever think how great it is that we don’t get what we ask for?

I mean think about it, we ask for a puppy, but we don’t get it, why? Because we have 3 hamsters somewhere in our room. Dead or alive we don’t know!

But really, what would happen if we would get everything we ever asked for? Would we be happy? Would we love better? Would our hearts finally be fulfilled?

As a Christian, or rather a Jesus follower, we can sometimes spend a lot of our time treating God/Jesus/Holy Spirit as our own personal genie, asking for things, using our wishes up and hoping to be fulfilled in our heart by the result of said wishes/prayers.

What does that do for us? This constant asking or maybe it’s demanding?

If God gave me everything I have ever asked for I would be living in Barbies Dreamhouse, dating Ken, with a 1965 Shelby Mustang, while never having to pick up clothes or having to dishes! Ever!

Sounds delightful.

Yet, if we really think about it, if we really got every single thing we asked for, would we really be happy?

I was sitting in church tonight, thinking about how we proclaim these songs about how we want Jesus to be real to us, for God to draw us near, that Jesus is all we need but then we live as though if we get the car, and the job, or the boyfriend then we will be set. It’s as though we say yes God, you are good, but if you can give me the other stuff that would be even better. 

How does that work in our relationships with God? Are things really more important than being in relationship with God?

Would our opinion of God change if He never gave gifts? If the things we begged for and were on our knees for never happened, would He still be a good God?

If God granted us all the things on our Pinterest boards and He did it at the exact moment we asked for it, would He be a better God?

I fall in the category of  wishing God would just be like BOOM! and WHAM! when I need Him too.

But if that was the way God responded to us, how would we learn? How would we grow? Would our hearts remain far from Him as we please Him with our lips?

I am not sure I would want to serve a God that gave into my every whim. I am a whimmy kind of kid, I fly by the seat of my pants most of the time, but if God gave into my every idea, well, let’s just say, who  runs the world?! Girls!  and other crazy adventurous kind of things.

If our God is a good God, and if He is a loving God then it is only right to conclude that He would withhold from us some of what we ask for in order that our person grow and become more desperate for who He is, not the thing we desire so strongly.

I am learning that my Jesus is faithful. Not through His constant giving, but through the reality that He has yet to give me what I have asked for.

It is in the asking that I learn more about His character, and I learn more about my own character as well. Even though I do desire the things I pray for, God is pushing me to ask the big question, do I desire Him more than these things?  Or do I just follow Him because of what He can give?


Drinking deep together,



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